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home life partners south bay

HomeLife Partners is not a national franchise or a large, multi-office corporation. It is a professionally managed Home Care company that delivers what we promise: quality care with qualified Caregivers supervised by an educated staff.

Risk Free in an Unregulated Industry- Non-Medical Home Care in the State of California is an unregulated business, anyone can start a caregiving company. In fact, they don’t even need to have employees as Caregivers, they can send independent contractors to your home. HomeLife Partners Caregivers are all fully vetted employees whose taxes are paid and are covered by all of our insurance policies including Worker’s Compensation, automotive, fraud and theft. Put simply, all the risk is yours if a Home Care company provides independent contractors or you hire privately, and there is risk in hiring Home Care workers. 

Experts in Long Distance Caregiving- Providing Caregivers is only half of a successful equation when seniors don’t have any family living near them. Caregivers should be supervised to assure that the activities of daily living are being done and our client’s health and welfare are sustained, especially when dementia is involved. But managing a household, getting home repairs completed, monitoring household finances, coordinating medical care and managing medications are all aspects of life that only a qualified Geriatric Care Manager should be trusted with when a family member isn’t available.

Local Company, Fast Response- We are more accessible than your doctor, absolutely 24/7, 365 days of the year. When you live in another place and your mother’s phone line is off the hook, our Geriatric Care Manager will be knocking on her door within 30 minutes of your call to us. And our Caregivers all live in the area so driving is trouble free.

Stability- With over a decade of experience, almost half of our Caregivers have been with us for over 4 years and many participate in our retirement program. Needless to say, our turnover rate is much lower than the national average assuring you won’t see a revolving door of Caregivers. Our client specific training and on-going skills training keeps them prepared for every situation.

Personal & Professional- We know each and every client personally. From the owner to our Care Managers to our exceptional Caregivers, we understand, share and help you achieve your goals of increased independence. Unlike the owners of other In-Home care companies who often live elsewhere and only know their clients from sales reports, Karen personally supervises the care provided to each client and is always available to discuss the details.

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