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On Wednesday, September 4th Karen Galas and her husband Brian flew to our State’s Capitol to meet with legislators in an effort to block two bills that threaten to dramatically increase the costs of homecare and greatly reduce the services that we offer our clients. The bills; AB1217 and AB241 would end longstanding regulations for “live-in” homecare. Currently a caregiver can stay in the home with their client for a 24hr shift but these bills would prohibit that by requiring 3 separate caregivers doing 8 hour daily shifts. This alone could cost our clients 35% more than our current business model. Another section of these bills would require all the names and addresses of our caregivers to be published on a state operated web site. No other business in California is required to do this and we feel that it is an astonishing breach of privacy for our employees and would place our caregivers at great personal risk. These bills are backed by a powerful labor union in a brash attempt to change our business to fit the union’s view of home care.


It was a busy day for Karen and Brian, dashing from one legislator’s office to another, talking to legislative aids and lobbyists, dropping off talking points. If you would like to help in this important effort to keep homecare safe and affordable and you have a Facebook account, go to Path Coalition’s Facebook page and “like” the page. Then share and invite your friends to like the page, post something about it on your timeline, get the word out to as many people as possible to drive them to the coalition web site and sign the petition. For Twitter, go to