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After the tragic natural disasters of recent years we can’t ignore the reality that Southern California is at risk for floods, fires and of course, earthquakes, the only question is when. On January 17, 1994 a 6.7 temblor struck Northridge, CA at about 4:30 AM. At that time, the owners were sleeping in their condo approximately 4 miles from the epicenter of the quake. In the next few hours, there was no telephone or cell service, no power, no gas, no water and fires had broken out all around them.

With the understanding that at any time our clients could be put in a similar or even worse situation, we created H.E.L.P. HomeLife’s Emergency Link Program to ensure that our Live-in 24/7 clients will have all basic emergency supplies and those who need immediate assistance by first-responders get it. With 72 hours of emergency supplies for the home along with their specialy trained Caregivers, our goal is to minimize the risks, provide communication with loved ones and get help to those who need it the most.

Additionally, as soon as it is safe, HomeLife Partners management staff will canvas our client’s homes to check on their status and bring additional food, water and other necessities. We have also developed emergency staffing procedures to insure that our Live-in clients are never left alone in the aftermath of a natural disaster.


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