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For our full-time, 24-Hour Live-In clients, we introduce HomeLife Partners’ Emergency Link Program. A while ago, the staff sat together and talked about how natural disasters would impact our seniors and what to do in the event of such an emergency. All South Bay residents know the risks in the area, and that there is a 99% chance a disaster will happen in the next couple of years whether it’s earthquakes, floods, wild fires, or landslides just to name a few. More than any other demographic, dependent elderly individuals are most at risk so we want to make sure that our seniors and caregivers are fully prepared.

We consulted with South Bay’s local authorities, such as the Palos Verdes Police Department and their guidelines in order to devise a plan for our staff and caregivers to follow. The 72-Hour Emergency Preparedness Kit includes water, dried and canned foods, a gas wrench, a lantern, and many other supplies that will allow both the client and caregiver to survive for at least 3 days until help arrives.

Starting this week, our care managers will introduce the emergency kits to each of our 24-hour care clients. We are proud to be the first and only home care company in the area to offer a disaster preparedness program – we are honored to show our dedication and depth of care that includes not only the everyday aspects, but also the long term prevention and preparedness.