providence little company of maryPROVIDENCE

Little Company of Mary
Medical Center
San Pedro

Dear HomeLife Partners,

The Mission, Vision, and Core Values at Providence Little Company of Mary Hospital encompass Respect, Compassion, Justice, Excellence, and Stewardship. It answers to the call of every person we serve: know me, care for me, ease my way.

This past weekend during one of our busier nights in the emergency room I, along with a couple of my co-workers, witnessed first-hand these same principles and values demonstrated by one of your employees, Melina M., in her care of one of your elderly patients. We were basically left in awe of her kindness and professionalism in caring for her patient. She was meticulous in helping him dress, was at all times concerned for his comfort, and more importantly…she was communicating with him constantly to ease his mind on what procedures he would be enduring and constantly providing positive feedback while awaiting his results.

I’ve been at Providence as a weekend registration Lead for over 15 years and in all those years I can only recall a few instances where I was left in admiration of a caregiver which normally is a family member. Melina’s care for her patient was OUTSTANDING!

During our break and prior to us knowing that Melina was a caregiver this was stated:

“Wow, isn’t that lady treating her relative so wonderful?” (Karina Gonzalez, Registration Rep)

“That lady is a godsend for that gentleman…I hope that someday someone cares for me like that!” (Julia Nevarez, Registration Rep)

Please forward this to your team and share with Melina that we applaud her for her work with the elderly. We know firsthand that caring for someone is a work of love and compassion…and it’s during times like these when people do notice the wonderful services that she provides as well as taking into account who her employer is and keeping it tucked away for future referrals.
Thank you for allowing me to share this with you and your team.


Tony, T.
ER Registration

HomeLife Partners –

Dear Diane, & Tameka – 

Just a note to say thank you for all your help and attention during Leon’s illness. Please tell all “my ladies,” Barbara, Shavonne (sp?), Laderia, Michele, and the two Donnas how very much appreciated their care and kindess to both of us.


Shirley C.

Home Life PartnersDear HomeLife Partners,

This is a very belated note of thanks for the wonderful care you gave to my dad, Dr. David H, in his last years of life — I hope this note reaches you!  Words really cannot express how grateful I am to you for being there for him day after day when his family could not be.  You brought joy to his life with your smile, your listening ear, your sense of humor, the way you treated him with respect, and especially those good sandwiches he raved about! “No one can make sandwiches like Desiree!” He appreciated you and trusted you and told me on numerous occasions you were the best caregiver he had ever had.  Yes, it was your job and you were getting paid to do it and yes you gave good bedside care, but you gave much more than that.  I want you to know that I recognize that and so did he — you cared about him as a fellow human being.  As his daughter, living so far away in Oregon, it was very difficult to not be there and I worried about him a lot.  But when I knew you were on duty, I rested easy.  I wish you could have known him when he was just a little younger and healthier, when he was still practicing medicine.  He was loved by his patients and colleagues alike.  He was a kind man and one of integrity.  But I’m sure you could tell his character by getting to know him over the last few years.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I hope all the good care you took of my father returns to you good things in your life.


Vicki J.

 From G. TrutanichI would like you know how much your care giver, Cathy Carroll meant to not only me and my family but especially to my mom. In her three years of service, she exceeded in her performance, whatever the task, with my mom from day one to her last in hospice.

As you know, my mom was recovering from 4 major brain surgeries in 2006 and lost her mobility since then. I had the opportunity to take care of all her needs 24 hours a day. Realizing I could not do it alone, I hired numerous caregivers from other agencies and none seem to fit her needs or mine. When I met with you and agreed Cathy would give it a go, I had no idea how blessed I was.

Cathy bonded with my mom immediately. Her compassion and patience were matchless and her work standards exceeded all others. Her daily routine of keeping the house clean, doing laundry, and cooking were by far the best I could ever ask for. All the critical documentation and paperwork I had implimented were done efficiently and without error and always up to date.

As you know my mom always loved to play the one armed bandits at Pechanga. In the past, I always had to accompany her because I could never trust anyone else not only with her staying overnight at the casino but keeping track of her funds. After one weekend with Cathy, I knew she had what it took to take care of my mom. The following trips, Cathy saved all the receipts and logged all the expenses perfectly.

Trust, integrity, compassion are just words but Cathy amplified and lived them with all of us.
I can honestly say my mom truly considered Cathy her daughter. And I can say, she’s become a very good friend too.

Also, thank you Karen and your entire staff, especially Tameka, for making this chapter of my life, easier and smoother. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be with my mom to the end. You and your staff allowed me that privilege with grace and ease.

Again, many, many, many thanks to all of you.

With Deep Appreciation and Love,
G. Trutanich