Caregiver Screening and Training

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HomeLife Partner Screening

Our Caregivers are truly your HomeLife “Partners.”  HomeLife Partners all-encompassing screening process and on-going training takes the risk out of having unsupervised workers in your home.  Of course, all of our Caregivers are employees, with a stable majority having been with the company for 3+ years eliminating the revolving door of Caregivers. We perform extensive work, driving, and criminal background checks.  Rest assured, they are fully bonded, and HomeLife Partners takes care of all federal and state taxes, unemployment, liability insurance, and worker’s compensation.  These necessary details protect seniors and their estates from the possibility of worker injury claims, tax violations, and unlawful activities by unscreened individuals.  Put simply, all the risk is yours if a Home Care company provides independent contractors or you hire privately, and there is risk in hiring Home Care workers.

HomeLife “Partners” Pre-Employment Screening:

  • Validate & Trace of Social Security Number
  • More than 1 year experience as an in-home caregiver
  • National Criminal Background Check
  • Clean medical history with medical clearance
  • Nationwide Sex Offender Check
  • Integrity testing defining character
  • Valid Driver’s License or State Identification Card
  • Verify performance at a minimum of three prior employers
  • Clean driving record from DMV annually
  • Testing of knowledge of skills and chronic illnesses
  • Multiple one-on-one interviews prior to approval by Certified Geriatric Care Manager or Director of Operations Each caregiver’s car is visually inspected to assure cleanliness & safety
  • English is spoken clearly

Customized Training: One Client at a Time

Before our Caregiver ever walks through your door, they receive a “Customer Orientation” from our Care Manager and any additional training if applicable to your needs.  We review the Care Plan, which is developed for you based on the original Needs Assessment, assuring that they understand your needs and preferences.  Client-specific training may include instruction on diet requirements for clients who are on blood thinners, are diabetic, or suffer from diverticulitis.  Customized training in body mechanics, transfers, bathing techniques are also done to assure a safe experience for both the Caregiver and the client.  Every time a Caregiver begins a new assignment, they must complete the Customer Orientation no matter how long they have worked for us.

HomeLife “Partners” On-Going Post-Employment Development:

  • 15-Subject training program developed by the founder of the Center for Caregiver Training
  • Written examination of HomeLife’s policies and procedures
  • Written testing after completion of caregiver training
  • Client-specific training prior to walking in your door
  • Covered by Workers Compensation
  • All state & federal taxes are paid
  • CPR Certification
  • Covered by auto insurance
  • Quarterly safety training
  • Covered by liability umbrella policy
  • H.E.L.P. disaster preparedness training
  • Annual driving record reviews

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