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With HomeLife Partners In-Home Care, our clients receive one-to-one attention unlike the Caregivers provided in assisted living facilities or nursing homes where patient-to-Caregiver ratios are commonly 12-15 to one.  Home Care allows flexibility in schedules so you can start with a few hours a week and gradually increase service as your needs increase.  This makes sense economically as well because you’re only paying for the care you need, not a flat monthly fee regardless of your utilization of services.

For clients who need Live-In 24 Hour Care, the advantages of Home Care is the value of the level of care received.  Assisted living facilities charge a monthly fee that includes meals and housekeeping. What most people don’t realize is that medication management, incontinence care, coordination of medical services, meal reminders, in-room dining, laundry, bathing and dressing assistance are all extra charges that can easily increase the monthly rate by $2-$3,000 per month.  With HomeLife Partners’ Live-in service, everything is included and your dedicated team of Caregivers and Care Managers learn every detail necessary to provide the finest level of care possible.


Care Type
In-Home Care
Nursing Homes  Assisted Living
Private, No Services Private, Full Services
Live-in Rate $250-350/day $300-325/day $200/day $500/day
Monthly Rate $8,525-10,300 /month $9,300-11,075
$6,200 /month $15,500 /month

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